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Hi! My name is Catalin, but you can call me Mala. I’m a freelancer and I use the best-in-class technology. I build websites, edit videos and photos, create bots and chrome extensions, and work in C#and .NET.  I customize and develop interactively, for creating exactly what each and every client need. Here on my website you can check my latest work and you can buy or download free apps from the shop. Thank for being here!

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My work will fit your request to get the best result possible, future-proof and easily manageable to extend the project in all the ways.

Sharp design

I work with Adobe PS, AI, AE, PR. If you need a logo, a nice edited video for your company, or maybe just a simple photo collage as a gift for your friend, I'll be here to help you with that. Just tell me your idea, or let's think about it together, and I will create the design for you!

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If you have any question you can send me a message, no wories i will answer fastes I can.

Your Idea

It’s happened to each of us before. In the excitement of hearing a great new idea, we make an inspired jump to further associations. It feels wonderful, as we literally feel our horizons expanding.


Do you need help with your website? No problem, just contact me and I will solve your problem in no time!

Always ready

When is the right time to start your own website? The right answer is now! I'm ready to do it. Are you?

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This is how I work

These are my projects. Take a look and tell me what you think!

I believe in a friendly partnership in which we can become a team.

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“WORK HARD. BE BRAVE.” – Casey Neistat

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